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Over and Out... by wynter333A Over and Out... by wynter333A
With a smothered, half-whimpering groan of raw relief, TK squirmed and kicked her way out from under the unconscious kidnapper, scuffling her way backward across the floor until her back rested against the wall alongside the stairway-bottom. Whereupon she let herself slump back against the dirty cement surface, chin falling to her chest with a huffing growl, and eyes closing in weary, hard-earned rest. Only for a moment, she promised herself...knowing that even after that this guy wouldn't be out forever. But if he sprang back up that very instant, like the villain in some bad horror movie, TK knew she wouldn't be able to do much more than just look up at him at that moment. She needed a few moments to get herself back together again. And the consequences be damned.

But finally, after a few moments that seemed to her like an intolerable, unforgivable eternity, TK began to painstakingly force herself back to her feet, sliding upward against the wall at her back, face twisted into a grimace of strain - and pain - as she did so. Once she was upright, she looked down at her downed tormentor with utter loathing burning in her emerald eyes, and had to fight the urge to march over and give him a good, hard kick while he was down. But that just wasn't possible, even had she been intent on actually doing it...her legs feeling like rubber and jello...seeming to require all her attention and energy just to keep themselves holding her upright.

And so, TK stood there for another precious few moments, before finally wobbling fully to her own support, and favoring the stairway with a long, hard look. She gave a tired huff and shook her head, shoulders sagging for a moment in mock despair - before she smirked a bit behind that leather strapping. No way, after all of that, that she was going to let a little flight of stairs stymie her escape from this loony bin. TK steeled her nerve once more - feeling a weary sense of deja vu - and took her first, wobble-legged step toward the wooden stairs.

As she set her foot on the first of the creaking old platforms, the tiger-girl turned back a bit to look down at her defeated enemy. To get one last look at the lunatic who had had the audacity to try to capture and "own" her...and who had come too close for her comfort to doing just that. She shuddered as she stared at him...and then her face creased down in a glare of anger and righteous triumph. If she'd have been able, she'd have favored even the unconscious man with some choice words...but that wasn't possible at the moment. So, the valiant tigress comforted herself with the knowledge that she'd prevailed once again and pressed onward, one shaking step at a time...onward and upward toward freedom. A freedom that she vowed - once she got out of this house of horrors and to one of his neighbor's homes where she could contact the authorities - her villainous tormentor would no longer enjoy...

=== THE END ===

Well, folks...there you have the end of another one. Really hope you enjoyed it. :) Was aiming for something a little "different" for TK...thought that the classic "pshycho-kidnapper" might make for a fun and atmospheric villain for our spunky heroine to test her mettle against... And judging by the number of "he's creepy" comments regarding said villain...think the mark was hit, on that front, at least. ;)

And, there have been a few Note-requests for this not to be the end of this particular scenario...that folks would like to see TK's adventure in the clutches of this baddie continue beyond the apparent end that was coming as of "day two". Not sure about that myself - this was intended to be a relatively simple and straightforward story, a single-arc affair rather than one of the "epics" - but if folks would like to see this one lead onward into something more, let me know. Have some ideas of how that could happen...some of which might make for amusing surprise twists... :) Of course, I think poor TK is definitely entitled to some rest, at least for now... ;)

Any which way, though, thanks for taking the time to look and read along. Really hope it was worth your while and that you had fun with the story. ^^ Next week's project is Shea's first tale...which I'm very much looking forward to. Hope that you'll take a look and make her feel welcome. :) For now, thanks once again, folks - take care and be well.
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floorpounder Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2008   Digital Artist
ok i like your stuff, but one thing wrong, make it into a story story not a artist comments story. i give you a five all the way around, i lkie TK, she kick the shit out of every body
GracefulxAssassin Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2008
Me: *sees TK on floor*
Hey *runs to her* Ya' all right?
*takes off gag*
TK: I guess not. One of your so friendly neghbors kidnapped me.
Wait... Where are ya' goin?
Me: To kill the FREAKIN dude. He's now nothing but a bloody bastard to me.
*heads toward cellar with Keyblade in hand, and strikes chest with full force*
Me: OK, that should do it.
*goes back up*
TK: Where were you
Me: I killed the dude that tried to kidnap you.
*helps to take straitjacket off*
TK: You idiot. Now they're going to expect that I killed this guy.
Me: Oops... Sorry.
*takes Keyblade and walks toward TK, grinning sinisterally*
TK: Wait, what are you.....

Ooooh... What will happen next?
I just thougth of what would happen when TK gets out of the basement. Kind of an after-story.
byakuganuser23 Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2008
hey could you do one about TK or any other one of your characters trapped in a vacbed?
wynter333A Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2008
Hmmm... :plotting: I like this idea... Would/will probably take a while for me to make the vacbed (no one to my knowledge has ever made one for Poser before, including myself...but that's definitely an oversight that needs to be corrected... :D ). But I'll see what I can do, and will let ya know when/if/a it develops. :)

Thanks for the suggestion! (And for the comment. Always appreciated, my friend. ^^ )
Mauser712 Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2008  Hobbyist Writer
This was a fun set. I echo the comment about the muzzle and jacket, although it is missing a crotch strap, I imagine that would be harder to model.

One thought that crossed my mind... is she still wearing anything UNDER the jacket? (I remember an issue of Gen13 where Caitlin woke up bound and dressed like Jessica Lange in King Kong. Her main concern wasn't the bondage, but that while changing her outfit, the villain must have seen her naked.) Shes lucky she still had her pants on, or else she'd be really worried about what he did while she was out cold.

I'd like to see her with a slightly different outfit, leather pants or boots would be nice.

The one thing I noticed about the renders that bugs me a bit is the total lack of shadows in the backgrounds, and things like the really weird lighting on props like those cinderblocks, that are lit on the inside as if they were transparent. It's totally at odds with the lighting of the characters.
Tails-and-Cosmo Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2008
love the ending but im still waiting to see my request of alita i asked you im still hoping to see it finshed soon.
drake54 Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2008
how's she gonna get out of that strait jacket thing
wynter333A Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2008
Well, ultimately, assuming she makes it to the predicted neighbor's house, I'd figure that THAT person would help her out of that and the muzzle...

At least that's the follow-up scene that I had envisioned. Because she's certainly not going to have much luck getting herself out of there... ;)
Mauser712 Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2008  Hobbyist Writer
Actually, that would also be a great hook for a continuing story.... What if his neighbors are just as demented? Out of the frying pan and into the fire!
wynter333A Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2008

Actually...that was one of the thoughts for a continuation that had been floating around in my head as well. So...we shall see... :plotting:

Hypercat-Z Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2008
I loved every part of the story!
wynter333A Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2008
Thanks! I really appreciate that, Hyper. ^^ Makes me very happy (and very flattered) that you enjoyed it.
side-effect55 Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2008  Student Writer
Since you're asking, Yes I would like to see this story leading on to another. It's so sad to not see TK in this incredibly hot outfit any more. But Shea need her spotlight and that's something to look forward to.
Does your increased posting rate mean that your health is increasing, too (fingers crossed)?
Oh, and before i forget [stands up and applaudes]
Arac0s Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2008
I thoroughly enjoyed this entire storyline. I've been holding off to comment until the end, for various reasons (not the least of which that I wanted to see where it went without influencing it one way or another), and so I'm gonna dump a lot of them right here. Hope you don't mind!

-The whole concept for this particular miniseries was one I enjoyed. It was a nice chance to see the character of TK in a "different" situation than she herself muses, it's all too often that she ends up in the clutches of "professional" villains, and being nabbed by a "normal" guy, if a bit psycho, is quite a change. After all, how does one deal with someone "outside" the game, as it were? It's one thing to be snagged by burglars, terrorists, mad scientists' goons, and "huntresses", but it's another thing entirely to have to fight someone "normal". There's a kind of psychological barrier in place about using "normal methods" to fight 'em, at least for a while.

-Action! Everything in this miniseries, from TK's struggling to the fight sequence, had a very nice sense of action (or restraint) about it. The staging of the figures was excellent, you showed a good grasp of "space", and even with the limitations of a 3D modeling program (not being able to use the same sort of tricks that many 2D artists use, speed lines, motion blurs and the like) you displayed an excellent sense of motion. My hat's off to ya!

-God, I love that straitjacket/muzzle combination. =3 I dunno, but there's something about it that just has an appeal. On another outfit-related note, I think this may be the first time I've seen TK's jeans from the back...I really do like the way they're cut for her tail. Lends a sort of realism to her. I also like the fact that they're not simply "low-cut" to accomodate...I think that says a lot about her character in just a little visual image.

-Finally, while I think this is a fitting end to the story (and I do love me my happy endings!) there are two things that I would dearly love to see. I, too, would like to know how, exactly, TK gets herself out of that straightjacket...

...and I would also be interested in seeing, shall we say, a "what-if" picture or two. What IF she hadn't been able to escape? What would have happened down the road? =3

'course, there's always imagination...or creative writing. Hmmmmmmmm. *ponders*

Keep up the good work, man!
Neko-Spy Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2008
Good lord, that made me sore
Limpurtikles Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2008  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
One thing I'd like to see though is how she got out of the restrains.

Also, I would have liked to see this fiend getting a little more beating.

UrbanSniper Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2008
I loved the whole story line on this one. Gonna be faving the whole thing once I get home from the office. Whether or not it continues, I can deffinately see some potential for more...TK's still wrapped up rather well as she's making her way out of the building after all ;)
wynter333A Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2008
Wow...thank you, man. I'm really, really happy you enjoyed it so much. :) Means the world to me to know that ya had fun with it. And thanks for saying so.

And yeah...could definitely see some more potential here as many ways her apparent escape could be thwarted or go awry... ;) But still not sure I'm gonna head that way with it. MIGHT though...we shall see. :)
UrbanSniper Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2008
Whatever happens, I'm looking forward to the next (mis)adventure. Great stuff you've got here!
Parasyte123 Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2008
Great ending!
Lordoffantasy Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2008
ah, the villain defeated, doomed for jail, and the day is saved. nice one.
Lordoffantasy Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2008
personally i don't think their is any need to drag it out. it has ended, and in a good way. maybe the guy could somehow break out in the future,the distant future, but let's just let him go to jail and be done with it for now.

makes a scenario to emphasize point.

hears knock on the door.

me- coming. walks to door. tk collapses.

me- you poor thing, what happeneded? takes gag off of her.

tk- some freak next door to you kidnapped me.

me- holy shit. rushes to the phone and calls the cops. then just stares at tk.

tk- aren't you going to untie me?

me- can i wait till the cops get here.

tk- eyes burn with the obvious answer of no
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